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Cassville R-IV School District



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Cassville Middle School 2018-19



The following information is from the Board Approved Middle School Handbook. All expectations will be strictly enforced. Please have a conversation with your child regarding appropriate cell phone use and adherence to these expectations.


CELL PHONES AND PED USE BY STUDENTS – Cell phones are not to be taken to any classroom. Headphones/ Earbuds are not to be worn on/ in the ears while in the hallways. Cell phones should be locked in student lockers. Students may have their cell phones during, and in passing to and from lunch, and before and after school. Phones should be silenced while on school property. Teachers may, from time to time, allow cell phone use for certain projects or classroom activities. Only with expressed teacher permission is this allowed. 


Students should not use cell phones to make phone calls, during the school day, they should come to the office and use school phones. In addition, the Cassville Board of Education desires to protect students’ personal privacy in accordance with law.  Thus, students are prohibited from using camera phones or other cellular devices to take photographs or to record photographic images, whether in digital or other form during any class or instructional period during the school day without permission from school personnel.  In addition, even outside of the school day, students are prohibited from using such camera phones, photographic devices in any school room, which shall include classrooms, offices, locker rooms, restrooms and any other school facility or location without permission from school personnel.  Furthermore, the actions of such students may be reported to law enforcement.  Students are also warned that the transfer, distribution, or posting of images taken in violation of this policy may subject them to school disciplinary action and possible referral to law enforcement even if such transfer, distribution, or posting occurs off campus. 


Cell phone violation

1st  Offense: Conference + confiscate device + will be locked in the office. Cell phone will be picked up by the student at end of day. 

2nd  Offense: Confiscate device + will be locked in the office + parent/guardian only pickup device + 2 days detention

3rd  Offense: Confiscate device + will be locked in the office + parent/guardian only pickup device + 4 days detention and student may be required to check phone in at the office before school and check phone out after school.

Subsequent Offense: Confiscate device + parent pickup device + 3-180 days ISS + phone check-in/ check-out.


*Any type of digital harassment, bullying, any inappropriate photos or pictures are considered a serious violation.

1st offense:  1-10 Days of ISS or OSS (Students may receive more than 10 Days OSS depending on the severity of the offense)

Further offenses:  Additional OSS up to 180 days