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Beginning Band Enrollment


Dear Parents,

My name is Erica Gorman and I am the middle school band director.  In 6th grade your student has the opportunity to take band.  I am sending this letter inviting your family to take advantage of this opportunity to have your child participate. Learning to play an instrument is a skill many adults wish they had or started as a child and wished they had stuck with it.  Give your child the gift of music. 

Usually, I have the opportunity to meet the students in music class and teach students about the instruments they can play in band next year.  This year I have created a website with instrument demonstration videos.  Students are asked to spend the next two weeks reviewing these videos and to submit the google form once they have selected the three instruments they would like to play! When school starts, it is from their top three choices that I will assign them the instrument best for them.  Every student can participate in submitting their instrument choices, even if they are not sure they want to join band. Remember that 6th grade is the only year you can join! Do not miss out on this unique opportunity. 

If your student is unsure about joining band, I would like to encourage them to sign up and join us the first week of school.  Most students who are on the fence, join once they meet the band directors and try the instruments.  We missed out on this process during the Spring and I do not want anyone to miss out!

It is easy to sign up for band.  Students just need to participate in submitting their top three instrument choices by May 15th and have a parent turn in a band permission slip by May 22nd. We will do everything else next year when class starts. Below I have included a list of frequently asked questions and a printable hard copy of the enrollment forms. 

Printable packets will be available in the school-2- home resources pickup box locations on Friday, May 8th. You may turn in your printable enrollment form by ringing the bell at the MS Office, Mon-Fri. 8-2 pm.You will be greeted outside by an employee to accept your enrollment form


Thank you,  


Erica Gorman 

Middle School Band Director


CMS 417 847 3136


Click here to view a video about our band program.

Click here to sign up online.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I become involved in band?

Beginning band starts in sixth grade. If your child wishes to be in band, just sign up! Use the instrument sign up on google forms and have a parent/guardian respond to the enrollment permission slip.  At the beginning of next year, we will meet with each student in class and determine which instrument will be the best match. We will host an instrument night at the school for parents wishing to rent an instrument and buy supplies.. Please do not rent an instrument until after we have done the instrument interview and selection process. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING THAT YOU NEED TO DO OVER THE SUMMER.

What instrument can I play?

We will be starting a certain number of students on the following instruments: flute,

clarinet, alto saxophone, French horn, trumpet, trombone, baritone, tuba, and percussion (mallets and snare drum). We take many things into consideration when selecting an instrument for each student. We take into account physical characteristics, students' preferences, and the need for a balanced instrumentation.

When do I find out what I play?

Online, students will select their top three instrument choices from a list of instrument demonstration videos. During the first week of school each student will have an interview with the band directors to see which instrument will be the best match. After all permission slips have been turned in I will assign instruments based on the student’s top 3 choices and what we think will be the best fit. Students will find out at the beginning of the year what instruments they are assigned.  

What is the first day the students will need their instruments?

After the instrument night (tentatively scheduled 09/08/20) instruments usually arrive within a week. When the instruments are delivered students will be asked to leave their instruments at school. Once we teach the students how to properly assemble the instrument, they will be allowed to take them home. Tentatively we will be using our instruments in class the week of September 14th.

What else will be discussed at the instrument night September 08, 2020?

In addition to being able to rent an instrument and purchase band supplies, parents will have the opportunity to meet the instructors, see the band facility, and hear how they can support their child during the year.  Students will also be assigned a band locker that evening.  It is very important that the parent and student attend the meeting.


How much will band cost?

Students are required to provide their own instruments, band method books, and needed band supplies. Students may purchase their own instrument, but are encouraged to rent the instruments for at least a year. We strongly recommend that you acquire a quality instrument for your child. In addition, the book and accessories that we will use all year will cost approximately $40 and will be available at the instrument night.  There are some instruments that we provide like tuba, baritone, and French horn due to the extremely high price of these instruments.  The school owns a few instruments other than the ones listed above for those who wish to be in band, but simply cannot afford it.  We will check those instruments out to students during the instrument night next fall.  If money is an issue, please talk to us so we can make arrangements.

My Mom has Uncle Joe's old clarinet up in the closet. Can I play that?

One of the things that can frustrate any student is trying to play on an instrument that is

in poor condition. In many cases, quality used instruments are a good alternative to the

prices of new instruments. However, it is extremely important that used instruments go

through a thorough cleaning and repair at a music repair store.


Printable 6th Grade Band –Enrollment

Please return printable version by May 15th to Middle School Office

My student is planning on enrolling in 6th grade band. I understand that all students will need to meet with the band directors during the first week of school to determine which of the three instruments they chose is best for him/her.  More information will be made available at the start of school when my student is assigned the best instrument for him/her and the size of the band. All rehearsals will take place during the school day and there are four evening concerts that students will be required to attend for a grade. The tentative date for the parent informational and instrument rental meeting is September 08, 2020.

Band is a year long class and requires a parent’s signature to enroll.  Your signature below gives your student permission to join band.

Please Print Clearly

Student Full Name ___________________________________________________

5th Grade Teacher’s Name_______________________________________________

Parent Printed Name  __________________________________________________    

Parent Signature ___________________________________ Date______________

Please Provide Parent Contact Information 

Preferred email_________________________________________________________


Preferred phone # ______________________________________________________

Please use the space below to tell me anything you would like me to consider while making instrument assignments.  For example: Your student already is taking lessons on an instrument, your family already owns a good quality instrument, your student played band in another school. Please email me any financial concerns or comment below for assistance.

Parent Comments:

Beginning Band- Instrument Choices

Submit by May 15th

Student First and Last Name: 


Please select from the following instruments the top three you are most interested in playing in the Cassville Middle School Beginner Band.  During the first week of school you will have an interview with one of the directors to determine which of the three choices is the best fit for you.


Choice #1: 


Choice #2: 


Choice #3: