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Cassville R-IV Student-Parent Technology Handbook



The Cassville R-IV School District’s technology exists for the purpose of enhancing the educational opportunities and achievement of district students.  Research shows that students who have access to technology also show an increase in academic achievement.  In addition, technology assists with the professional enrichment of the staff and increases engagement of students’ families and other patrons of the district, all of which positively impact student achievement.


In order to possess and use the borrowed device, one must comply at all times with the expectations found in the Student/Parent Technology Handbook and the district’s Technology Usage Policy EHB & EHB-AP1 as approved by the Cassville R-IV School District.


Cassville R-IV School District will issue each student a device, carrying case, and charging cord. These items remain the property of the district at all times. This computer is on loan to the student and must be used in accordance with the following Policies and Procedures, the district’s Acceptable Use Policy (AUP), and any applicable laws – both at home and at school. Use of this device, as well as access to the district network, the Internet, and email is a privilege and not a right. These items are provided for educational purposes only and are intended to support the learning objectives of Cassville R-IV School District.  


Laptop/Device Usage Expectations

Parent/Guardian/Student Expectations:

  1. The student’s parent/guardian will have a signed Device Checkout Agreement, attended a training session on use and care of the device, and pay the insurance fee prior to the student’s receipt of the device.

    1. Option 1:  Students will be allowed to take home device.

    2. Option 2:  Students will be allowed to check out a device every morning from 7:45:8:10 and checked in prior to the end of the school day.

  2. Parents/guardians may request the student’s login name and password to supervise the student’s use of the device.

  3. Altering or modifying the original district pre-set software image is prohibited. Examples include but are not limited to:

a. Loading unauthorized software applications

b. Changing or removing operating system extensions

c. Changing the device name

d. Altering the pre-loaded operating system or applications

e. Altering security software

f. Taking the computer apart for access to internal parts

  1. Parents/guardians/students will not have a right or expectation of privacy for any use of the device or district network. Pornographic, obscene or vulgar images, sounds, music, language or materials (including screen savers, backgrounds, and/or pictures) are strictly prohibited according to district guidelines.

  2. Parents/guardians/students will not attempt repairs themselves or contract with any other individual or business for the repair of the device.  Any attempted repair will result in a void in the devices warranty and will result in disciplinary consequences.

  3. Students will be assigned to a specific device and will use only that device assigned to them.  

  4. Students will keep their password confidential and not share it with another student.

  5. Students will maintain confidentiality when using the device and will never share personal information about themselves or others. If found in violation; disciplinary action will be taken.

  6. Students’ devices will be in their possession or designated secure areas including the student’s locked hallway locker, the Help Desk, or another area designated by a specific teacher during his/her class time.

    1. If a student is participating in an activity that is not conducive to using his/her laptop (field trip, sporting event, assembly, etc.), he/she must leave the laptop in a designated secure area.

  7. Students will maintain appropriate hard drive space needed for instructional/educational requirements and student-loaded files (not related to instruction) including music and videos, will not consume this space.

  8. Students will use the laptop for educational purposes during the instructional day, they are prohibited from playing non-academic games, including Internet-based and Widget games.

  9. Students are responsible for bringing their fully charged device to school every day and taking it home each night for storage.  It should not be left in a school locker for overnight storage.  

  10. While at home, students will keep their device out of reach of younger siblings, family pets, or anyone else capable of careless handling or inadvertent damage of the property.

  11. Students will make sure the device logs on to the school district’s network each day they are in attendance to receive necessary updates that are critical to keeping the device safe and operational.

  12. Students will transport the laptop within a protective carrying case both within the school setting and outside of the school setting.  Secure the laptop, in its protective carrying case, out of view from anyone outside of a vehicle.  Do not ever store a laptop in an unlocked and/or unattended parked vehicle, even when the parked vehicle is at your residence.

  13. Accessing outside chat/instant messaging will result in disciplinary action. Only school-approved chat/IM utilities are allowed.

  14. E-mail (or any other computer communication) should be used only for legitimate and responsible communication between students, faculty, and the outside world. Rude, abusive, threatening, or otherwise inappropriate language is not permitted (See Student Handbook/\Board Policy).

  15. Internet access, email, and other media that are accessed, created, or stored on the computers are the sole property of the district. The district has the right to review these items for appropriateness and to limit or revoke a student’s access to them at any time for any reason.

  1. Violations that involve computer hacking or trespassing, harassment, bullying or threats via computer, and computer fraud can result in serious disciplinary action, which may include an arrest if state or federal law is violated. Ignorance of these regulations will not excuse an infraction.

  2. The district reserves the right to limit computer use for any student who develops attendance issues, including truancy. In such cases, the computer will be collected and kept at school. The student will be required to check the computer in and out each day.

  3. Any student who continually does not bring his/her device to school will have computer take-home privileges revoked. The student will be required to check the computer in and out each day.

  4. Understand that the device belongs to the school, and it can be checked at any time or taken away at any time for disciplinary reasons.


General Care of the Device

  1. Students are expected to treat their devices with care and respect. The device, case, and charger are the property of the Cassville R-IV School District and should be kept clean and free of marks at all times. Placing stickers, writing or drawing on, engraving or otherwise defacing the laptop, carrying case, or charger is not allowed and will result in loss of privileges or other consequences.

  2. When transporting their device to and from school, students should always be sure it is placed in a school provided carrying case and that the case is fully closed.

  3. Devices should be used while they are on a flat, stable surface such as a table.

  4. Students should protect their device from extreme heat or cold. Devices should never be left in a car, even if the car is locked.

  5. Devices should be protected from the weather, water or other liquid, food, and pets. Students should never eat or drink while using their device or use their device near others who are eating and drinking.

  6. Heavy objects should never be placed or stacked on top of the device. This includes books, musical instruments, sports equipment, etc.

  7. Any inappropriate or careless use of a device should be reported to a teacher or other staff member immediately.

  8. If the device is damaged or not working properly, it must be taken to the Help Desk for repair.

  9. If a device malfunctions outside of the school day, the student should report the issues to the Help Desk on the first day of school following the malfunction.  The school district does not have an evening or weekend Help Desk.

  10. If a student’s class work is lost because of a device failure, the Help Desk staff will make contact with the teacher/teachers from the class(es) affected on the same day that the issue is reported. Teachers will make the appropriate time adjustments for the student to redo the lost class work.

  11. If the device is lost or stolen, parents/guardians should immediately report the loss or theft to the administration AND the police department.

    1. A police report must be filed within 48 hours.

Reporting Loss/Damage

  1. In the case of loss or theft occurring at school, the student must report the incident to the Help Desk within one school day of the occurrence.

  2. In the case of loss or theft occurring away from school, the student must report the incident to law enforcement officials within 48 hours of the occurrence and then provide documentation of the police report to Help Desk.

  3. Failing to report loss or theft in the timely manner described above will result in a financial obligation for the borrower in the amount of replacement costs of the lost property.

  4. In the case of damage to a borrowed device, you must report the potentially damaging incident to the Help Desk within one school day of the occurrence.

  5. Failing to report damage or incidents in a timely manner described above will result in the user assuming responsibility of necessary repair costs for the damaged property.  A list of common repair costs is found on Page 5.


Content Filtering

  1. The Cassville R-IV School District employs a 3rd party filtering application on all district computers that is updated regularly.  These updates are pushed to student devices each time they are logged on to the district’s network.

  2. The content filter, as configured by the district and as it operates on the device in possession of a student who is using the device in compliance with the Student-Parent Technology Handbook and the district’s Technology Usage Policy in accordance with Board Policy EHB attempts to restrict inadvertent access to unapproved content online and deter attempts to deliberately access unapproved content online.  This does not absolve the user from attempting to access unauthorized or inappropriate sites on the Internet.

  3. Because of the nature of the Internet, no content filter is capable of preventing all access to all online content that is not school-related.  Although the content filter will provide a degree of protection to the user and the device, the user assumes responsibility for not accessing content that is not school-related, whether blocked by the filter at that particular time or not.

  4. Attempts to disable, reconfigure, or circumvent the content filter is a violation of the aforementioned usage policies and can result in administrative referral for disciplinary consequences or restrictions of a student’s technology use privileges.

  5. Any access of unapproved content online, whether through a district-owned device, personal cell phone, or any other personal electronic device, while at school is a violation of usage policy.


Virus Protection

  1. The Cassville R-IV School District employs a 3rd party virus protection application on all district devices that is updated regularly.  These updates are pushed to student devices each time they are logged on to the district’s network.

  2. The virus protection, as configured by the district and as it operates on the device in possession of a student’s using the device in compliance with the Student-Parent Laptop Handbook, and the district’s Technology Usage Policy EHB will restrict inadvertent download of unapproved materials and deter attempts to deliberately download unapproved materials.  This does not absolve the user from attempting to download unauthorized materials that can compromise a device or the network.

  3. Attempts to disable, reconfigure, or circumvent the virus protection is a violation of the aforementioned usage policies and can result in administrative referral for disciplinary consequences or restrictions of a student’s technology use privileges.

  4. Any download of unauthorized content, whether on a district device or on any personal media storage device (flash drive, SD card, CD, memory card, etc.) that connects to a school device is a violation of usage policy.


Replacement/Repair Costs:

11E Cost Sheet








Base cover




Palm Rest








System Board








Card Reader sub-card











LCD Cover




LCD Panel




LCD Bezel







A/C Adapter




Consequences of Inappropriate Use

Use of technology resources in a disruptive, inappropriate or illegal manner impairs the district’s mission, squanders resources and shall not be tolerated.  Therefore, a consistently high level of personal responsibility is expected of all users granted access to the district’s technology resources.  Any violation of district policies or procedures regarding technology usage may result in temporary, long-term or permanent suspension of user privileges.  User privileges may be temporarily suspended pending investigation into the use of the district’s technology resources.


The use of any district technology is a privilege and not a right. Students are expected to use their device in accordance with the Device Policies and Procedures, the District Acceptable Use Policy, Board Policy EHB and any applicable laws. Failure to use the device in an appropriate manner will result in one or more of the consequences listed below as determined by the staff and administration of the Cassville R-IV School District:

  • Student Conference

  • Parent Conference

  • Revocation of student use or access privileges, including computer take-home privileges

  • Any and all school disciplinary actions (detention, ISS, OSS, etc.)

  • Civil or criminal liability under applicable laws    

High School Student Device Insurance Policy

The Cassville R-IV “Blended Learning Model” will issue a device for all students in the High School.  

It is the intent of this and other programs that students will be empowered to utilize the technology for their educational growth and to benefit the students.  I understand that the devices are not intended to be loaned to others, nor will be used in any way that would violate the district's Students Acceptable Use Policy.  This agreement relates to students’ use of computer equipment supplied by Cassville Public Schools at school and at home.

I agree and or understand that....  

  • The Device must be handled and stored in a way appropriate for electronic equipment, and the maintenance and care guidelines provided with the laptop must be followed. (in bag/case provided)

  • I will observe high ethical standards in my use of the device, and I will not access or store any information, files or software that do not meet such high ethical standards as stated in the Student Acceptable Use Policy.

  • I will respect the copyright of software, music, images, text, etc., by not making unauthorized copies of copyrighted material or loading unauthorized copies of copyrighted material onto my device.

  • I will bring my device to school every day charged along with power cord.

  • I am responsible for the software and content on my device and understand that it is my responsibility to make backups.

  • I will use the device on a flat, stable surface.

  • I will not mark the laptop in any way with markers, stickers, etc.

  • I will not eat or drink near the laptop.

  • I will be the only authorized user of the assigned device.

  • I will not rest pencils/pens or other items on the keyboard.  Accidentally closing the device with items on the keyboard damages the screen.

  • I will notify the Help Desk immediately if my device is lost or stolen and make a police report as indicated in the Student-Parent Technology Handbook.

  • I will ensure the serial number, barcode, and student ID are securely attached to the device and I will not willfully remove or allow others to remove either from the device.

No Right or Expectation of Privacy in Using District Equipment

District equipment includes, but is not limited to, chromebook, laptops, iPads, workstations, and related peripheral equipment. Users have no right to, nor should they have any expectation of, privacy while using any District owned device. To the extent that users wish that their private activities remain private, they should avoid using District equipment for personal reasons. By using District equipment, users imply their consent to disclosing the contents of any files, documents or information maintained or passed-through District equipment. By using District equipment, consent to monitoring and recording is implied, with or without cause, including, but not limited to, access to the Internet and using e-mail. District policy expressly prohibits the use of District equipment for the following personal reasons: for the downloading, viewing, storage, copying, or transmission of sexually explicit or sexually-oriented materials; for privately purchasing, selling, advertising, or exchanging any goods or services in commerce; for advocating personal political, philosophical, or religious points of view.

Insurance Option

The Cassville R-IV School District has shown a commitment to the use and benefit of computers when used properly by the student. The district has made a large financial commitment to provide a device to the student. As described in this user agreement, the student does assume responsibility for the device. In the unfortunate event that the device is lost, stolen, or damaged the student will assume some responsibility. The district offers optional insurance for students to utilize in the event that something were to happen to the device.

Opt-in Insurance:

The student will pay a $50 insurance premium to the district yearly (or lesser if receiving free or reduced lunch--see info below). Each year a student has no claims that insurance premium will decrease in cost by $10 for the following school year.  The insurance premium will return to the original $50 premium in the event any claim is made.  ****Violations to the computer usage agreement will void the insurance policy.****

Acceptable Insurance Claims

  • Lost or stolen device with a police report filed

  • Accidental damage, not the result of willful intent / neglect / abuse

Opt-out of Insurance:

The student will pay no premium but will be required to check the device in and out at the help desk daily.  Any willful damage occurred to the device during the period of time the student has the device will be subject to restitution, refer to Replacement/Repair Costs on page 5.


Cassville R-IV School District  Acceptable Use Policy  2015-2016



The Cassville R-IV School District recognizes that access to technology in school gives students greater opportunities to learn, engage, communicate, and develop skills that will prepare them for work, life, and citizenship.  We are committed to helping students develop 21st-century learning skills.  To that end, we provide the privilege of access to technologies for student and staff use.

This Acceptable Use Policy outlines the guidelines and behaviors that all users are expected to follow when using school technologies or when using personally-owned devices on the school campus, including:

  • The Cassville R-IV School District network is intended for educational purposes.

  • All activity over the network or using district technologies may be monitored and retained.

  • Access to online content via the network may be restricted in accordance with our policies and federal regulations, such as the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA).

  • Students are expected to follow the same rules for good behavior and respectful conduct online as offline.

  • Misuse of school resources can result in disciplinary action.

  • The Cassville R-IV School District makes a reasonable effort to ensure students’ safety safety and security online, but will not be held accountable for any harm or damages that result from use of school technologies.

  • Users of the district network or other technologies are expected to alert IT staff immediately of any concerns for safety or security.

Technologies Covered

The Cassville R-IV School District may provide the privilege of Internet access, desktop computers, mobile computers or devices, video conferencing capabilities, online collaboration capabilities, message boards, email, and more.  This Acceptable Use Policy applies for both school-owned technology equipment utilizing the district's network, WiFi, and/or private networks/Internet connections accessed from school-owned devices at any time.  This Acceptable Use Policy also applies to privately-owned devices accessing the district’s network, WiFi, and/or private networks/Internet connections while on school property.  As new technologies emerge, the Cassville R-IV School District will seek to provide access to them.  The policies outlined in this document cover all available technologies now and into the future, not just those specifically listed or currently available.

Usage Policies

All technologies provided by the district are intended for education purposes.  All users are expected to use good judgment and to follow the specifics as well as the spirit of this document:  be safe, appropriate, careful and kind; don't try to get around technological protection measures; use good common sense; and ask if you don’t know.

Violations of this Acceptable Use Policy

Violations of this policy may have disciplinary repercussions, including:

  • Suspension of network, technology, or computer privileges;

  • Notification to parents;

  • Detention or suspension from school and school-related activities;

  • Employment disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment;

  • Legal action and/or prosecution.


Web Access

The Cassville R-IV School District provides its users the privilege of access to the Internet, including web sites, resources, content, and online tools.  Access to the Internet will be restricted as required to comply with CIPA regulations and school policies. Web browsing may be monitored and web activity records may be retained indefinitely.

Users are expected to respect the web filter as a safety precaution, and shall not attempt to circumvent the web filter when browsing the Internet.  The determination of whether material is appropriate or inappropriate is based solely on the content of the material and the intended use of the material, not on whether a website has been blocked or not.  If a user believes a site is unnecessarily blocked, the user should submit a request for website review through the Building Level Principal.


The Cassville R-IV School District may provide users with the privilege of email accounts for the purpose of school-related communication.  Availability and use may be restricted based on school policies.  If users are provided with email accounts, the account(s) should be used with care.  Users should not send personal information; should not attempt to open files or follow links from unknown or untrusted origins; should use appropriate language; and should only communicate with other people as allowed by the district policy or the teacher.  Users are expected to communicate with the same appropriate, safe, mindful, courteous conduct online as offline.  Email usage may be monitored and archived.

Social Sites

Recognizing the benefits collaboration brings to education, the district may provide users with access to web sites or tools that allow communication, collaboration, sharing, and messaging among users.  Users are expected to communicate with the same appropriate, safe, mindful courteous conduct online as offline.  Users should be careful not to share personally identifying information online.

Mobile Device Policy

The Cassville R-IV School District may provide users with mobile computers or other devices to promote learning outside of the classroom.  Users should abide by the same acceptable use policies when using school devices off the school network as on the school network.  Users are expected to treat these devices with extreme care and caution; these are expensive devices that the school is entrusting to your care.  Users should immediately report any loss, damage, or malfunction to IT staff.  Users may be financially accountable for any damage resulting from negligence or misuse.  Use of school-issued mobile devices off the school network may be monitored.


Users should not download or attempt to download or run .exe programs over the school network or onto school resources without express permission from IT staff.  You may be able to download other file types, such as images of videos.  For the security of our network, download such files only from reputable sites, and only for education purposes.


Users are expected to take reasonable safeguards against the transmission of security threats over the school network.  This includes not opening or distributing infected files or programs and not opening files or programs of unknown or untrusted origin.  If you believe a computer or mobile device you are using might be infected with a virus, please alert the IT department.  Do not attempt to remove the virus yourself or download and programs to help remove the virus.


Users should always use the Internet, network resources, and online sites in a courteous and respectful manner.  Users should recognize that among the valuable content online there is also unverified, incorrect, or inappropriate content.  Users should only use trusted sources when conducting research via the Internet.  Users should remember not to post anything online that they wouldn’t want students, parents, teachers, or future colleges or employers to see.  Once something is online, it’s out there--and can sometimes be shared and spread in ways you never intended.

Personal Safety

Users should never share personal information, including phone number, address, social security number, birthday, or financial information, over the Internet without adult permission.  Users should recognize that communicating over the Internet brings anonymity and associated risks, and should carefully safeguard the personal information of themselves and others.  Users should never agree to meet in real life someone they meet online without parental permission.  If you see a message, comment, image, or anything else online that makes you concerned for your personal safety, bring it to the attention of an adult (teacher or staff if you are at school; parent if you are at home) immediately.

Limitation of Liability

The Cassville R-IV School District will not be responsible for damage or harm to persons, files, data, or hardware.  While the district employs filtering and other safety and security mechanisms, and attempts to ensure their proper function, it makes no guarantees as to their effectiveness.  The district will not be responsible, financially or otherwise, for unauthorized transactions conducted over the school network.

Examples of Acceptable Use

I will:

  • Use school technologies for school-related activities.

  • Follow the same guidelines for respectful, responsible behavior online that I am expected to follow offline.  

  • Treat school resources carefully, and alert staff if there is any problem with their operation.

  • Encourage positive, constructive discussion if allowed to use communicative or collaborative technologies.

  • Alert a teacher or other staff member if I see threatening, inappropriate, or harmful content (images, messages, posts) online.

  • Use school technologies at appropriate times, in approved places, for educational pursuits.

  • Cite sources when using online sites and resources for research.

  • Recognize that use of school technologies is a privilege and treat it as such.

  • Be cautious to protect the safety of myself and others

  • Help to protect the security of school resources.


This is not intended to be an exhaustive list.  Users should use their own good judgment when using school technologies.


Cassville R-IV School District

Electronic Device Check-out Agreement by Student and Cassville R-IV


Student __________________________Grad. Year _______________   Date Issued: ______/_______/______







New  /  Good



New  /  Good

Power Adapter


New  /  Good

The above device, case, and power adapter (hereby referred to as “Equipment”) are being loaned to me and are in good working order unless otherwise indicated.  It is my responsibility to care for the computer and ensure that it is maintained in a safe environment.  An insurance premium, $50 per student or $35 per student who qualify for Free/Reduced Lunch, is assessed for each school year.  If there is a claim or loss, the student and /or guardian is responsible for the non-refundable $100 deductible, per occurrence.  If the loss or damage is not covered by insurance, the student or guardian will pay the full replacement value of the equipment to Cassville R-IV School District (hereafter referred to as “District”).

The Equipment is the property of the District and is being loaned to the student for educational purposes during the academic school year.  Students may not deface or destroy this property in any way.  Inappropriate material on the computer may result in the loss of laptop computer privilege and potential criminal prosecution.  The equipment will be returned to the school on a date determined by the District or sooner if the student is suspended or expelled from school, the student leaves the District, or if the student fails to comply with the terms of this agreement or the District’s Acceptable Usage Policy.  The student agrees that in the event the computer is out of the student’s possession for a period of 48 hours or student believes the computer has been stolen, student will immediately notify the Technology Help Desk and File a report with the Cassville Police Department.

Student is responsible for the cost of replacement or repair of the Equipment for any loss not covered by insurance.  In addition, student’s parents agree to indemnify Cassville R-IV against any claim, suit, or damage occurring during or resulting from student’s possession or use of the Equipment, including, but not limited to any claim for infringement or violation of applicable trademarks and copyright attributable to student’s use of the equipment.

The equipment may only be used in accordance with the District’s policies and rules.  Student acknowledges and agrees the use of the Equipment is a privilege, and student acknowledges student’s responsibility to protect and safeguard the Equipment and to return the same in good condition and repair.

The student and guardian acknowledge that this agreement extends to any other District device issued to a student on a temporary or permanent basis due to Equipment’s repair or other unavailability for use.  Guardian signature on this form indicates agreement to issue student a temporary device if needed while maintaining the standards set forth in this document.

The district hereby acknowledges the receipt of the sum of $________ for the insurance premium.  Student and guardian agree the Equipment is to be used only for educational purposes and in accordance with the District computer use policies and instructions.  Failure to return the Equipment as provided by this agreement, the District will presume student intended to retain possession with a criminal intent pursuant to Section 578.150.1 of the Missouri Revised Statutes.

Choose One:

___ I authorize my student, listed above, to take the Equipment from the District (Can take home)


___ I do not authorize my student, listed above, to take the Equipment from the District, I understand that I am still liable for any damages incurred if the Equipment is removed from the District (Cannot take Equipment home)


Guardian Name: _________________________Guardian Signature_______________________________ Date: ______

Student Name: ___________________________Student Signature _______________________________ Date: ______