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Cassville R-IV School District



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Middle School Supply List


Cassville Middle School Supply List



*Mark all supplies with permanent marker.

*Backpacks / school tote bags must be small enough to fit in the locker or be able to be folded small enough to fit in the locker.  (Backpacks/school tote bags are only used to carry supplies to and from school)


6th Grade

7th Grade

8th Grade

1st hour (Home Room)

1 lg package Clorox Wipes

1 Pack of facial tissue –(ex. Kleenex)

1 box colored pencils

50 Pencils (Wooden or Mechanical)

Pencil Sharpener

1 Pair of scissors

2 glue sticks or 1 small bottle white glue

2 pink erasers

Wide ruled notebook paper (No college ruled paper please)

Communication Arts

 1” 3 ring binder (Qty 1)

Dividers (1 Pkg)

Composition Notebook

1pkg Highlighters


Expo Markers Low Oder 6 pack (Color Doesn’t Matter)

Dry Marker Eraser (Qty 1)


Bound Notebook (Qty 2)

Social Studies

1” 3 ring binder (Qty 1)

3x5’ index cards 100 count (1pack)12 in Ruler in/cm (Qty 1)


1” 3 ring binder (Qty 1)

Physical Education

Shorts (black-fingertip length)

School T-shirt (long enough to cover stomach when arms are raised)

Athletic Shoes & Socks




*Do not label supplies. This will be completed according to teacher’s direction.



Communication Arts

3– 70 page spiral notebook 
2 - pocket folders with brads
supply of pencils for all year
1 pk. Highlighters (any color)
1 boxes of colored pencils
1 large glue sticks
2 box of Kleenex
disinfecting wipes


Social Studies, Science  Supply List

1-100 page Spiral Notebook – (Comm. Arts and Science)

2 Subject Spiral Notebook – (Social Studies)

Loose-Leaf  Notebook Paper

Supply of Pencils

Supply of Black and/or Blue Ink Pens

6 Highlighters (any color)

1 Flash Drive

1 Box Kleenex Tissues

2 Large Glue Sticks

1 pair Scissors




1 Box of tissues

1 package of expo markers (2 to 4 markers)

2 Packages of loose leaf  notebook paper

2 Packages of pencils or Mechanical Pencils

1-11/2 inch 3 ring binder

Pocket folders

1 TI-30xIIS Calculator

1 Standard/metric Ruler

*Additional supplies may be required in individual classes.


Communication Arts, Science, Social Studies Supply List

2 Pocket Folders

Spiral notebook or Composition Booklet

Pencils or Pens


Math Supply List

1 Composition Notebook

2 Packages of loose leaf paper

2 Packages of wooden pencils

1 box of tissues

1 Packages of expo markers (2 to 4 markers)

4 folders (purple, orange, blue, green)

1 Pocket folders with brads

1 TI-30xIIS Calculator












*Additional supplies may be required in individual classes.




Physical Education-Girls/Boys           (7th and 8th Grade)                                                               

Deodorant, Socks                                                                             

Regular Tennis Shoes (that have a back in them)

T-Shirts (must follow school dress code)

Finger-tip length shorts (NO SOPHIES; must follow school dress code)




Art (7th and 8th Grade)                                              

2 Sharpies


Colored Pencils





Gel Pens



Middle School Choir (If Applicable)

1 Inch 3-Ring Binder




FACS (If Applicable)

1 Small one inch binder or folder with brads lined with paper

Pen or pencils

Fabric (not required at the first of school)

Poster board (not required at the first of school)


All BAND Classes

1 inch binder (.97 cents) white, black. red

1 pack of clear sheet protectors